February 2016 – Cyclical Tales by Alba Soto


Alba Soto holds a Ph.D in Fine Arts and she is an actively working artist. She studied Visual and Scenic Arts, and she is specialist in interdisciplinary and performative tools for creation and teaching practice. She coordinated the Degree and taught at the Fine Arts Department in Nebrija University from 2009 where she culminated as the coordinator of artistic projects. Also Alba Soto has participate and has conducted workshops and seminars in international universities, performances festivals and exibithions.

Her artistic work focuses on the repetition of behavioral patterns and the intention to transfer the subconscious to conscious reality; her work is underpinned by intuition, spontaneity and surprise as a survival strategy. Her performances, video art and drawings showcased in national and international festivals and exhibitions.

The performative universe of Alba Soto starts from her surrounding reality, She use the most intimate experiences and images to explore and to heal them through the scenic action and the direct contact with the space and the audience, it’s constantly changing. These experiences, questions and desires; are constructed in a symbolic way and ritual with inevitable absurd dyes.

I wish to find myself as I am, I look for possibilities a search of this freedom trying to distance myself from artifice. I reclaim my own prerogative to express myself, I reclaim what I am with the greatest possible frankness and I always listen the voice of Emily Dickinson whispering “I live in possibility”… 

Alba Soto Website






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