September 2015 – SUS(pended) The Long Thin Wire

Collaboration art installation by Christopher Preissing and Pia Cruzalegui

SUS or SUSpended, as I initially intended to call it, is an intimate conversation and a query in the quest of bringing something meaningful to the art center and to open conversation to this observation. It derives from my personal examination of crowds visiting art venues and my experience in observing their behaviors when I open my studio’s door to the public. I question, is art a trend? Is art entertainment? Is art diluted and diverted, attracting an audience in search of free booze? Where is the observance of art as a system of ideas, and what does it want to communicate? Are artists falling for a trend or are they truly engaging in conversation with their audience? Are we exhibiting for art sake? All of these questions came to mind each and every time I thought of producing this project, which was year’s worth of conceptualizing its production. Always envisioning (at first) a strings quartet, an art form I hold dear to my heart, one that I respect and consider of highest value, to take part of this art piece. An art installation including performance, musicians, an experimental music arrangement and a digital video backdrop. I knew, since its conception, it would take more than just myself.

Late last year, I had the good fortune to meet Chris Preissing, through a mutual acquaintance, Mario Gonzalez. The three of us collaborated on an installation earlier this year and exhibited in Zhou B Art Center and later for the inaugural of the Evanston Art Center. Meeting Chris was the other component I sought for. His talents and background were crucial to the work. He brought additional components to the piece that made this an amazing exhibition possible. Chris arranged the music, brought in the amazing Chantereusse strings trio, composed the music and invited Deidre Harrison to participate. Her collaboration was important as well.

The opening last Friday at Zhou B Art Center was amazing thanks to the talents of the many people that took part in this project, including the long wire players: Hanna Brock, Lia Kohl, Stacia Spencer; the chair fabricators, Marcus Bosch and Andrew Tyson. Michael Zhou and Sergio Gomez for believing on this mad idea and making the space available to stage this production. Donna Bliss, Stephanie Galvin and Sanna Ahtan for their patience, understanding and assisting us with logistics within the space for us to work.
SUS The Long Thin Wire, is a call for Attention to visual arts and an invitation to talk about its social and cultural condition today.

Future showing: Bridgeport Art Center on November 6, 2015

Interested in showing this installation? Please contact Pia Cruzalegui or Christopher Preissing via private message or phone to 305-761-8921

Copyright 2015 Pia Cruzalegui, all rights reserved.

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IN PREPARATION OF SHOW: Rehearsal and testing installation

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