July 2015 – The Borders Project by Jacqueline Weaver



As part of my ongoing investigation into the concept of a border, I am embarking on several 37 mile walks, the length of the border between Israel and Gaza. The walks/performances are an attempt to understand my own physical relationship to space and land within the context of my present geographic location as well as to explore my own physical boundaries and limitations.

Although the catalyst for this project is the Israel/Gaza conflict, I am interested in the implications of a created “border” in other areas of the world as well, including the colonial borders drawn on the continent of Africa, our own American borders with Mexico and the demarcated borders of American Indian reservations throughout the US. These invisible lines often manifest in the form of a fence, a wall, or purely a line drawn on a map, but also extend to racial, cultural, and economic divides within a specific location.


Jacqueline Weaver is an artist, educator and curator living in Troy, NY.  Her current work focuses on art as a collaborative and participatory endeavor. Jacqueline’s work in video and installation addresses the culture’s interpretation of histories– personal and universal, recent and long past.

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