June 2015 – INTERWOVEN

Interwoven is a pop up art event I organized for the LRMFA 16′. Initially it was meant to be a collaboration and celebration (a kick off event) to cheer us on at the beginning of our summer residency. Planning for the show began early February. It slowly became a huge project organizing 25 participants, most of them out of state. It quickly became a complex logistics project. I had no idea I was actually curating my first group show. Documentation and research for contracts, insurance and release forms, budgets, catering and music became exhausting. I ended bringing Kelly Long and Ana Morales on board with me to assist me with the marketing, PR and post documentation of the show; Fatma AlRemaihi for the creation of the graphics, and Janice Marin, as my advisor (her ability to stretch a buck and practical approach) to bounce ideas, specially when making crucial decisions just days away from the opening.

What I learned: To be more cold blooded. Curating an art show is quite complex (thank goodness it wasn’t even juried). People’s true colors come forward. I enjoy curating art shows and I will do it again taking all logistics, work and experience into consideration.

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Interwoven – Press Release:

Interwoven Press Release-FINAL (1)

Floor Plan Throop Studios:


Announcement Flyer:


Facebook Banner:

popup FB cover (1)

Square Logo:

popup square

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