April 2015 – Collaborative Project – Video, Sound and Steel Sheets Installation

I approached Mario Gonzalez, Jr. back on December 2014 with an opportunity to show and collaborate on a future exhibition. He was excited to bring back a previous installation. We scheduled the artwork for March of this year and introduced me to Chris. The three participating artists were, Mario Gonzalez, Jr., Christopher Priessing and Pía Cruzalegui. Mario is an international urban artist with great experience moving/painting in both an urban setting and the gallery. Chris is a music and experimental sound artist and founder of nonopera.org of Chicago. I met Chris through Mario. This installation was presented a few years ago and we set on to revive it for the March opening. My role as an artist contributor complimented the original object and sound installation with an abstract video I produced.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The installation had great appeal during the opening and we were asked to move it to the art center’s main gallery for the Seductive Material Installation Festival (May 2015); and to show it again for the inaugural of the Evanston Art Center, next June 2015, under the direction of Sergio Gomez.


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