January 2015 – How it all started

On September 2014, Sergio Gomez and Michael Zhou reached out to me and colleague with a proposition I could not decline. To come and help develop a space at the Zhou B. Art Center; a space that celebrates and shows the works of non-traditional forms of art. I couldn’t resist at the idea of creating such a project. Undoubtedly, I said, yes!

We visited the location on the fourth floor intended for the purpose of this initiative. It could easily house two artists and a space for exhibition. We measured it and drafted a rudimentary plan that served as the basis for a year’s projection, equipment budget and, most importantly, to give us the vision we needed.

I immediately prepared a presentation for Michael and Sergio. The goal was to demonstrate our commitment and professionalism towards the project. We presented some ideas of the envisioned space and the kind of artists we would bring on a month-to-month basis.

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Upon my return from the Holidays, the space intended to house two artists that would assist in the development of non-traditional art, was rented to another party. I was temporarily given a new space in the basement. The location of the space was a challenge on its own. For starters, I was given studio #13, the number alone came with a lot of luggage; typically, the basement is one of the less visited floors in the entire center; and the space itself was a bit constrained. Despite the weirdness around the room number, location and the challenges of attendance, I decided I would give it my all. I called it 13EDGE, I painted all walls, doors and the floor and opened doors on January (fingers crossed) with three video art projections of my own. Only 12 people dropped by and six of the attendees were friends and three were my next door neighboring artists. I was thrilled!

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